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General Tips:

- For yourself:

Drink or eat something very cold - this delays the movement of your heat-responsive metal wires.

Lie down with cold washcloths resting on your cheeks.

Rinse your mouth with salt-water (1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of warm water) several times a day.

- For your cooking:

Try microwaving a frozen item instead of popping it in the toaster or oven
(think frozen waffles - they definitely come out softer this way).

Seal up casseroles and meat dishes with foil while cooking them in the oven; moisture will stay in the dish, and you'll avoid it becoming crispy on top.

- For your brightest smile when you're dining out :

Avoid foods with seeds (pass on the 7-grain bread for now).

Avoid stringy cheese dishes (cut up a pizza in small bites).

Ask your orthodontist for a discreet, self-contained procta-brush (it comes with a cover and is about the size of a large paper-clip). Carry it in your pocket or purse --  it's a life-saver when you take a quick trip to the restroom to restore your smile after a meal!
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