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The Braces Cookbook
Everyone says braces are worth it (and they are) but that's little consolation for the days when your teeth hurt so much you wonder if you can eat a slice of bread. Whether you've just had elastics inserted as temporary spacers, the orthodontist has completely covered your teeth with cemented brackets, or the technician has tightened your wires again, the last thing you need is food that makes the situation even harder to handle.

The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love
solves this problem by offering dozens of recipes for dishes that are easy on tender teeth yet don't reduce the ingredients to mush. From Very Tender Vegetables to Definitely Deserved Desserts, each section includes simple directions, substitution specials and orthodontic trivia. Soothing Tips for Those First Few Days will help ease the toughest hours of getting started, Prepared Foods that Work Well simplifies packing lunches and fixing quick meals, and Dining-Out is Do-able gives suggestions for enjoying restaurant outings and party events. In fact, every aspect of this book helps children, teens, parents and adults readily adapt to life with braces.

Did you just get your wires adjusted? Treat yourself to a Be-Nice-to-Me Beverage. Is this the third pair of elastics you're supposed to wear? It's time for a Mellow Main Meal. Are you craving "forbidden fruit" (like caramel apples?) Check out the recipe for the Caramel Apple Dip Substitution Special.

Remember, you're not alone. From Chelsea Clinton and Prince Harry to Cameron Diaz and Emma Roberts, more people of all ages are making the most of their smiles and showing them to the world. Wear school colors in alternating elastics. Have your retainer made in purple neon glitter. And indulge yourself in these truly delicious yet braces-friendly delights.


Soothing Tips for Difficult Days
·-Hints from braces-wearers, parents, dentists and orthodontists to help you through the tough times surrounding orthodontic appointments
Easy Eating
·- Lists of easy-to-eat food items straight from the store
Dining-Out is Do-able
·- Suggestions for morning, noon, night and snack time, whether you're at a restaurant or a party

Be-Nice-to-Me Beverages
   Mmm Mmm Milk Shakes*
   Flavored Ice-Cream Shakes*
   Fabulous Fruit Smoothies*
   Yummy Yogurt Smoothies*
   Cranberry Splash Punch

Bracket-Friendly Breads and Breakfasts
   Banana Bread
   Zucchini Bread
   Scrumptious Scones (Raisin or Chocolate)
   Perfect Pancakes*
   Wonderful Waffles
   David Eyre (or Baby Dutch) Pancakes*
   Apple (Not Too) Crisp
   Lemon Pudding-Cake*
   §Substitution Specials
      - If you like pretzel rods…you'll love
      Twisty Soft Pretzels

Mellow Main Meals
   Meatballs in Herbed Tomato Sauce
   Best Baked Spaghetti*
   Creamy Tuna Noodle Casserole*
   Tender Chicken Pot Pie
   Simmered Soy Chicken Wraps
   Moroccan Sweet-Pepper Chicken
   Three-Cheese Macaroni Extravaganza*
   Baked Ham n' Egg Hash-Browns*
   Soft-Crust Pizza
   Crustless Quiche*
   §Substitution Specials
      - If you like beef jerky…you'll love
      Shredded Jerky Jumbles
      - If you like cheese crackers…you'll love
      Cheese Pastry Bites

Very Tender Vegetables
   Broccoli n' Stuffing Casserole*
   Maple Acorn Squash*
   Squash n' Zucchini Stir Fry*
   Red Beans and Rice
   §Substitution Specials
     - If you like corn-on-the-cob… you'll love
     Three-Corn Extravaganza

Definitely Deserved Dessertss
   Marvelous Molasses Cookies
   Sensational Cinnamon Snickerdoodles
   Fudgy Cocoa Bites
   Proper Lemon "Tea Cakes"*
   Jiffy Jam Delights
   Peach n' Pear Softies*
   Quick Cake-Mix Cookies*
   Fudge Toppers*
   Lemon Pudding Yummies
   Lime-Graham Cheesecake Nibbles
   Butterscotch Brownies
   Molasses Raisin Bars
   Fudgy Zucchini Zoom-Bars
   Mint-Cheesecake Cocoa Bars
   Mocha Swirl Brownies
   §Substitution Specials
     - If you like fruit snacks…you'll love
     Fruity Cut-Outs*
     - If you like ginger snaps…you'll love
     Soft Ginger Shapes
     - If you like peanuts…you'll love
     Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
     - If you like caramel apples… you'll love
     Caramel Apple Dips

* Particularly good for those first few days
Recipes You (and your Orthodontist) Will Love
by Pamela Waterman and Brenda Waterman