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Your Diet And It’s Effects On Your Teeth


Are you aware that your diet has an effect on your oral and overall health? Do you know that you can prevent things like eye floaters, periodontal disease and tooth decay if you’re only conscious about your diet? I learned about this when I started doing my own research. I learned, through my readings that tooth decay results when acidic products from oral bacteria ruin your teeth and other hard tissues of your mouth. Do you know that there are different kinds of food and drinks that are directly linked to high levels of bacteria that cause cavities? I believe my ignorance of this known fact was what caused some of my teeth to get cavities.
Indeed, there are specific food combinations that hasten the process of destroying your teeth. I just want to state a fact that poor nutrition is not correlated to periodontal disease. If you have poor nutrition it does not automatically make you suffer from periodontal disease. But don’t rejoice just yet! According to researchers, they found reasons to believe that periodontal disease, once you have it, progresses way faster and is more severe among patients whose diet lacks important nutrients.
I guess we can agree that without proper nutrition, your immune system could get compromised and when this happens, it increases your susceptibility to acquiring certain diseases. Individuals who have compromised immune systems are shown to be of greater risk of developing periodontal disease. Furthermore, several researches have found a link between systemic conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes and oral health. In order to counter these, you need to consume a wide selection of healthy foods to ensure that you are getting the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and to improve your oral health. As part of a healthy diet, I suggest you increase your vitamin intake and your fiber intake to reduce your risk of acquiring diseases.
The diet you will stick with will not only make your teeth and the rest of your oral tissues healthy, it will also help you lose weight. Just like going to an Inglewood Station Dentist, going regularly and being consistent is going to pay off the most. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, if you come to think of it, not only will it make your teeth healthy it will also trim you down to the size you’ve always dreamed of! According to the American Dietetic Association and the National Institutes of Health, it is important that you practice and develop healthy eating habits and include the following major food groups in your diet plan: breads and cereals, dairy products, milk, fruits, vegetables, beans, fish chicken and meat.
If losing weight is part of your concern, I’ve also read about Mexico Bariatric Centers. There are actually lots of Mexico Bariatric Center Reviews online that you can read as well as forums to know about other people’s opinions and experiences about it. There are also 7 keto gold reviews that are proven to help you slim down to your desired weight. I recommend that before you try anything radical or try any new supplement in the market that you read about their reviews first and do your research so you know what you’re about to go into.


Let's face it; the foods that we love to eat are the ones that are always prohibited. A famous example is sugar rich foods like soft drinks and ice creams; we always loved them as kids and even as adults - the sweeter, the better! But as we aged, we need to face the fact that such foods are not good for our health in general.

As you grow older, doctors will start advising you to stay away from foods that may not be healthy for you, which sucks because, well you can't eat them anymore, it's time to learn the truth: you are not getting any younger.

As the saying goes, life does start at 40, but you can still enjoy your childhood delights, and I will share with you how later on in this blog.

When it comes to eating foods, there are certain key questions you should ask before taking the first bite.

Consider the following:

1.    Is it good for my heart?


2.    Is it good for my teeth?

3.    Is it good for my cells?


To elaborate on these questions, I will give you examples of healthy foods to look out for in answering these critical questions.

Cells are the tiniest but most essential part of the body. The human body is made up of billions of cells, that's why they are called as “the building blocks of life.” They carry out important functions in the body such as support for backpain, in food digestion, conversion of nutrients in the food you eat to energy, provide structure for the body, and much more. Keeping you alive is a lot of work for these cells and so keeping them healthy is rather important. Oxidants can cause damages to the cell, they are free radicals and are also produced in the body naturally. And so in other to fight off these oxidants we need to feed on foods rich in antioxidants.

7 Foods that Can Improve Your Health

1.    Green Teas: These are drinks made up of fruits such as lime, lemon, raspberry, etc. The natural sources contain a right amount of natural antioxidant.

2.    Fruits: According to Performax Health Group Apples, Potatoes, and Grapes are an excellent source of antioxidants, and so they should regularly be consumed. Whenever you get the chance to enjoy a piece of these fruits, eat them with the skin because antioxidants are more concentrated there. Many other foods are rich in antioxidants it is imperative that you research more on them and find the ones you can get locally.


3.    Oranges: Due to the presence of two different nutrients; Pectin and Potassium, the orange fruit could help prevent the damage of heart tissue and also keep blood pressure in the right state.

4. Meats & Protein: Higher protein diets have been proven to help burn more fat, build more muscle and lead to better overall health. It can be hard to get in enough protein for some people though as it can be a chore to eat a lot of chicken, steak, ground beef, etc. One of the easiest ways to get in more protein is to use a protein powder or a mass gainer as they are high in protein as well. If you aren’t sure of which one to get then you should check out this article for some help: best mass gainers - top 5 list

5.    Dark Chocolate Research has shown that indulging in a square or two of Dark Chocolates could reduce one’s chances of a stroke. It is due to the flavonoids present in the chocolates which are antioxidants.

6.    Garlic: Reduces cholesterol and improves blood pressure (CDPAP).

7.    Nuts: They are made up of unsaturated fat and so reduce the bad cholesterol by adding the one that is good for the heart instead.

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